June21 Q5 “Steel The Light” Deluxe 2CD / LP + CD / Box Set Reissue Out On July 16, 2018

Q5 is a Seattle based band formed in 1983 and their music is a blend of hard rock and melodic and straight-forward heavy metal.

“Steel The Light”, originally released in 1984, is one of the classic US metal albums of the ’80s that stood the test of time, which includes all-time favorite songs like “Lonely Lady”, “Pull The Trigger” and “Steel The Light”.

The Q5 debut album, “Steel The Light”, was recorded with Floyd Rose on guitars – inventor of the Floyd Rose locking tremolo system, a device used by guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani or Kirk Hammett.

The deluxe reissue has a new 2018 mastering by Bart Gabriel (Crystal Viper, Avenger, Cirith Ungol), and includes all the classic tracks of the original release, plus never-before released bonus tracks, and 16-page booklet with lyrics, photos and new liner notes.

The album will be available as double CD, LP + CD package (incl. 2 cover sleeves and 12 bonus tracks on the bonus disc), as well as a limited box set that will include the LP on black splatter vinyl with a bonus CD, double CD, t-shirt and a patch.


Listen: https://soundcloud.com/noremorserecords/q5-steel-the-light-official-stream

More information and ordering: www.noremorse.gr