June15 CHRIS VIOLENCE Releases “In Speed We Trust” Free Mp3 Stand Alone Single Download.

American metal vocalist CHRIS VIOLENCE has released the brand new mp3 stand alone single “In Speed We Trust” and offering it as a free download at the following location:

Chris Violence – “In Speed We Trust” free mp3 stand alone single download link


Chris Violence has checked in with the following epic story about the creation of his latest stand alone single: “In Speed We Trust” came from an incident I had on my motorcycle about two years ago, where I was riding in a canyon in Southern California, I came around the corner and had to take evasive action to avoid a vehicle in my lane. It required a fast downshift and, when in doubt, more throttle. After that adrenaline moment the first words that came into my mind were “In Speed We Trust”.

A short time later, I spoke with long time music collaborator, Jon DuBose about the possible idea of a speed metal song wrapped around those words. Over the next 6 months, the idea bounced back and forth with Jon providing me with a riff and the song began to develop. I continued to further evolve the track in my head, singing the lyrics “In Speed We Trust” thinking about where speed would be the defining factor, writing and rewriting the subject matter until I came to space travel and rocket lift off as being the real essence of true speed and the song kind of fell together after that.

In Speed We Trust recording: Recording of the song “In Speed We Trust” was conducted at the home studios of Jon DuBose in South Carolina, USA, Matheus Manente in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Chris Violence in Naples, Italy.

There are no plans for Chris Violence tour dates at this time.

Biography: Chris Violence is an American Thrash Metal vocalist originally from Hollywood, California USA who fronted the Thrash Metal band Cessation of Life from 1995-2012, releasing multiple albums over the bands long career. Chris Violence released his first full solo album, “American Ripper” in 2014, the single “Push Button Pain” in 2016, provided the vocals for three songs for the ban Axsaena’s “Global Revolution” album in 2016 and the 24-minute-long “The Raven, A Thrash Metal Opera based on Edgar Allen Poe’s poem The Raven, in 2017.

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