June13 IRONBORN (Belgian Heavy Metal) About The Historical Song entitled “1568”

450 years ago, on june the fifth 1568 the earl of Egmont was beheaded on the main square in Brussels.

To commemorate this, lots of events are taking place in Zottegem where the earl had his castle.

Beside all this, “The Hoevebrouwers”, a local brewery, brew a beer with the name “1568”.

IRONBORN wrote the song “1568” for the great apotheosis of the festivities that takes place on the 16th of September 2018 in Zottegem.

The song describes the earls final hours, while he reflects on his life the night before his death.

The song will be released as a limited edition package, containing the CDs “1568” and a bottle of “1568” beer.